Hello to u all out there! 
To start off with, I love  my life! me and kameron is in the process of applying for my permanent visa here in australia, and whow its a lot! papers, statement and evidence of all kind. sometimes it feels like we just wanna give up and hoping we were birds to just fly to whereever we wanna stay.. but it doesnt work like that.. 

we Have moved away from the caravanpark we stayed at in innisfail. we moved into a house/unit in mission beach. so much better. and we pay same rent we did for a caravan. we love it. we are prox 1 minute walk from the beach, and we have a kitchen and bathroom with laundry! happy days. 
we still work at the same farm, bananas. but hoopefully kameron comes in the mine business very shortly. that would increse our wage with $1700 a month, nearly 10 000 svk! so fingers crossed. 

next friday we will have a meeting with our lawyer about my visa, hopefully it makes me more clear with what we need to do and what we need. 

thats all for now.. gonna go back to write my statement.. yey...