That time flies away is deffo nothing new! 10 weeks past and now Im sitting here in Brisbane waiting for my last flight to Cairns. I had a wonderful time well spent in Sweden, cathing up with mom n dad and friends. When i first came to sweden it felt like 10 weeks was going to take forever. It did. At least in the beginning. The first 4-5 weeks was just painful , cuz i missed Australia and Kameron so much. But after that I think time just flew away.

Saying goodbye to mom at Arlanda was really sad :( Little mommy... But to be back here in Australia feels so good, Im home! I missed it all so much!

The flight back here was not to bad. When I left Stockholm and flew to Dubai, I had a few glass of whine and I had 3 seats for myself so I could really strech out. Couldnt sleep at all, was way to exited hehe. But then from Dubai to Singapore I slept most of that 7 hour. And also now from Singapore to Brisbane..

This time I had "only" 4 hours wait for next flight in Dubai so that was ok, and 30 min wait in Singapore, and now Brissie 7 hours.. Zzz...

Now Im waiting for the transport who gonna take me to Domestic Airport